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Metropolitan Blazemaster Noticeboard

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A board with fire resistant ensures that any incidents don't turn into catastrophes. The fabric used is certified not to catch fire where a standard noticeboard may. This is the perfect product for public areas or areas that concern children/young adults

Notice Boards

If you're a business, school, institution or individual looking for notice boards you've landed in the right place. Strong relationships with our suppliers mean we can operate effeciently and pass our massive cost savings on to you, check this months bulletin below for hot offers. Of course, we appreciate that price isn't everything; quality, ease of service and satisfaction are worth something.

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We've much more than just notice boards to pin to our name, we offer whiteboards, leaflet holders,

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If you need to display messages to your staff or colleagues you're going to need a notice board. We have plenty of colours and sizes to fit your office or area of work. If you require something a little more specific, like anti-bacterial or fire resistant surfaces , we've got that covered as well. If you need to be creative or keep on top of things you'll need a whiteboard.

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Schools require a wide range of our products, for corridors, classrooms, staffrooms and more. The first port of call for a school is usually our whiteboard selection, which can be found here. Our screened notice board range is perfect for corridors with the preventive perspex that protects the display. The range can be found here.

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A whiteboard or noticeboard can be great for reducing clutter and keeping on top of notes or plans, they fit especially well in the kitchen. We have a range of colours and materials to fit the decor of your home. For example you may choose a wooden framed board over aluminium, which can be found here

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