Acquire the Best Lockable Noticeboards for your Educational Institute

27th September 2017

In every school or other educational institute, there are specific items that are considered vital in order to proper function and help the everyday life of the teachers, academics as well as the students. Apart from the desks and chairs, there are other things that truly help the proper flow of the content and the other regular chores that need to be completed.

One important function is being able to address news and feedback that anyone can have access to. This is mainly achieved by the usual noticeboards we are all familiar with. However, if you are looking to buy some, you have to first determine which is the best option for you and your specific needs.

Lockable Noticeboards

Classic is always one of the best options you can have. Go with a simple aluminium framed noticeboard that you can of course lock so that you can control the information that goes up. This way, you can share all the important information and announcement with the students as well as the rest of the faculty. These tamperproof noticeboards might be of a great help to you.

Felt Noticeboards

This is, of course, the most inexpensive noticeboards and is usually places on indoor spaces for smaller announcements or anything that the students want to make public. These noticeboards are very fun and easy to assemble and come in a wide variety of colours. You can choose from green, stone, peach or any other colour you would most prefer.

Cork Noticeboards

You can’t go wrong with a cork noticeboard. Its natural colour will blend beautifully with the colour of the wall. Keep some of them indoors for any student’s announcement, or you can even place one at the entrance so that you give the students the opportunity to share some of their news there as well.

Fire Resistant Noticeboards

If you want to keep your students safe, then you should definitely consider getting some fire resistant noticeboards. For every key point in the school or university, it is crucial to put on some fire resistant noticeboards than regular ones. This way, if there is a fire exit nearby, you will not risk your own and the children’s safety by putting a noticeboard that is actually very flammable.

Eco-Friendly Noticeboards

Do you want to enhance everyone’s environmental concern? There is a way to do it and go green with your noticeboards as well. They are made with 100% recycled materials and are perfect for every educational community which really wants to make a difference.

No matter what you choose, there is no doubt you will receive the best possible quality in the most advantageous rates. Browse through these amazing options and find the ideal noticeboards for you and the specific institute you are working for.