Advantages of Noticeboards in the Office

27th September 2017

There are lots of reasons why having a noticeboard in the office is a good idea. For one, noticeboards can spread important information to a large number of people. They can also be interactive and provide an exciting way to communicate.

Whether you use tamperproof noticeboards or lockable noticeboards, they can change the way people communicate in the office. They provide a sense of being part of a community that makes the office more than just a workplace. It is something that you can’t get when sending all the communications via email.

Make People Notice Important Stuff

Just like what the name pertains to, noticeboards make people notice what’s on them. For instance, you can post about deadlines on the boards and employees can see them every day. That means there will be less rushed projects, poor client experiences, and missed deadlines.

You can use colour coded noticeboards to display activities, important tasks, and deadlines. You can utilise colored pens or paper to represent the importance of the notice. For instance, red will be for very urgent messages. Employees will be able to notice these messages right away.

You should also assign other colors for meetings, last minute changes, and deadlines. This will make the communication tool more efficient in spreading the message, and making employees aware of issues that need to be addressed with right away. An email might not be noticed right away and stay unread in the inbox.

Inspire Employees

Another way to use noticeboards in offices is to motivate employees. You can post photos on it that include after hour activity or work even photos. The photos can remind employees of the opportunities they have experienced while working for the company.

You can also use the boards to post notices to show the progress of a project or showcase the achievements of employees. These can motivate employees to strive harder to achieve their targets and goals. Through the posts, employees will feel appreciated for what they have done for the company.

Develop a Sense of Community within the Workplace

Noticeboards can develop positive communication opportunities for employees within the workplace. The boards can be used to post about social activities, conferences, meetings, and other work related events.

Events that are scheduled during and outside office hours can be posted on the noticeboards that will encourage employees to communicate with each other during the events and develop a greater sense of community in the workplace.

While the events can be emailed to everyone in the office, displaying the announcements on whiteboards can improve the awareness of the employees over a longer period of time. A lot of professionals are swamped with emails that a lot of them are left unread in the inbox.

These are some of the reasons why you should consider installing noticeboards in the office. There are several types of noticeboards on the market. It is important to choose the one that will serve the needs of your employees.