Complete Guide on Outdoor Noticeboards

27th September 2017

Most schools have external noticeboards which they used to display essential information for the kids and the parents. It is a great place to showcase the latest achievement of the students and schools that can possibly increase the enrolment rate. You may also display sports activities, school festivals, events, promotional items and important information about the school. If you have been using your display board for quite some time now, you might want to check if it is still in its best condition. If not, then it is probably the perfect time to replace it.

Qualities of a Good Outdoor Lockable Noticeboards

There are certain qualities and features that you need to look into your tamperproof noticeboards in order to make sure that it is durable, excellent and that it will stand the test of time. At Notice Boards Direct, they offer a wide range of outdoor display boards that is suitable for universities, colleges, and preschool.


The noticeboards should be weather proof especially if you are using it outdoors during the entire year. They should be properly sealed to prevent water and moist in penetrating that can possibly damage the display. You need to make sure that the displays are protected from different weather elements.

The Size

The tamperproof noticeboards are available in different sizes from the small A4 sizes up to the large 1524x1016. The display area should not be hampered by the frame. The size should perfectly fit for an outdoor setting. In case the standard sizes will not be suitable for your needs, be sure to call the assistance of Notice Boards Direct. They can customize the size of your display board depending on your requirements.

The Interior Design

They should come in an array of interior finishes. Perhaps the best noticeboards that will provide you with amazing value would be the one that comes with correx. This is crafted using corrugated plastics that highlights a flat surface and requires blue tack and tape to affix the display on the board. You may also choose the pinnable board that is available in a huge range of colour or a magnetic board option. Be sure to choose a display board that suits your budget.

Easy-To-Use and High-Quality

After unlocking your lockable noticeboards, the doors of the notice board should not serve as a distraction. It should be able to stay in its place. It should remain in that position while you are changing the display on the board. In case it is locked, people should not be able to tamper or access the display materials. Finally, it should also be manufactured using the highest quality of materials. The frame should be sturdy and durable. In most cases, the company should offer you with a warranty for the materials.

If you are in need of noticeboards that you can use to display various materials and information, be sure to check the array of qualities that we mentioned above. By analyzing its size, quality, design and various features, you can guarantee that you are getting the best value for your money.