Five Factors to Consider When Buying a School Noticeboard

27th September 2017

In a school, just like in any other institution, making common announcements could be very hard since people are scattered in various locations. The noticeboards are the only tools that can be used to embed information on them so that people can access information easily and uniformly. Noticeboards serve a lot of purposes including teaching children and embedding information for the students and staff of the school. As noticeboards might appear very simple and easy to choose things, you can end up getting the worse service from the noticeboard if you choose the wrong one.

1. Purpose of the Noticeboard

The purpose of the noticeboard should be considered because this is what will make you choose the appropriate noticeboard that will serve you well. If for example it is a noticeboard that is meant to display student information like exam marks, it is good to ensure that you buy the lockable noticeboards because students might remove such information anytime if the noticeboard is open.

2. Location of Installation of the Noticeboard

Where will your noticeboard be, will it be on the reception, will it be in the classrooms or will it be somewhere around the compound? If it is going to be installed on the open space or outdoor space, you should find a waterproof noticeboard that will not get distorted by moisture. Even when you try to cover the noticeboard with materials, moisture will still penetrate and the noticeboard will get lose with time if it is not waterproof.

3. Appearance or Themes of the Noticeboard

You need to have a perfect theme in regard to the purpose of the noticeboard. If for example you are going to use the board to teach children, make sure that you choose a colourful one because children like such things and you will win their attention. If you are going to just embed messages, make sure that you buy the whiteboards because these ones are easily noticeable from far. The Tamperproof noticeboards are known to be the type of noticeboards for those who want classroom noticeboards.

4. The Lifespan of the Noticeboard

Assuming that no physical distortion of the noticeboard occurs after installation, it should last for not less than six months depending on how frequent it is used. If you are going to be moving the noticeboard from place to place, consider buying the most robust noticeboard that will withstand the forces of being moved from place to place.

5. Price of the Whiteboard

The price of noticeboards varies depending on the quality of the noticeboard you are going to buy. High-quality boards normally cost a lot of money, but they last longer than the cheap ones. Make sure that you have the best information regarding the quality of the board before you buy it.

The bottom line is that you should not just pick any board, make sure that you put these attributes into consideration so that you choose the appropriate noticeboard that is going to be of value to you.