Kitchen Notice Board

The kitchen has now become a port for all things necessary. Cooking, eating, drinking, and now organising. Kitchen notice boards help us keep on track of clutter. Notes, bills, the kids drawings, anything you like. It makes for an easy display that of information that would otherwise be filed, meaning when we need it we don't have to find it! Our range will perfectly slot into your home at a size to suit you, a popular choice is often the cork noticeboard as it's colour is one that does not infringe on any interior decor.


Kitchen Whiteboards

A kitchen whiteboard is perfect to keep on top of who's doing what. Leave messages for the kids, or for you partner, or even for yourself; an addition to the home that is becoming much more popular. The kitchen is of course not the only place you can put your whiteboard, place it in your room, or the kids rooms or maybe the study. We ship in a range of sizes, just get out the tape measure and pick your perfect measurements. If you need a bespoke size we can help you out, just send us an email and we'll get back to you with a quote.