School Display Boards

We offer a wide range of school display boards to fit the individual needs of different school rooms. Our standard pin board range is perfect for areas dedicated to teachers, such as the staff room and other offices. Pinning your notes and paperwork to one of these display boards is effortless and leaves the room in a neat and tidy condition. In areas where there are pupils, we'd advise your notice boards are displayed behind a perspex facing. This will prevent the kids from doing any damage or defacing anything that is put on display.


Screened School Display Board

The display board can be easily accessed through the use of a key that comes with the product, as you can see the facing will prevent any damage and serve the needs of display. To take the level of protection one further, we often recommend our fire resistant range to schools and other institutions in which children are present. This range can be found here Fire resistant school display boards.