Six Tips for Improving Your Whiteboard Work

27th September 2017

Whiteboards have become a key part of classrooms and many offices. They are great to take notes on, but they can be hard to read on at times. There are many ways of using whiteboards, but there are somethings that you could be doing to improve your work on your whiteboard.

1. Board Organisation

Most people do not think about this, but you should plan out how you are going to use whiteboards. If you are using multiple whiteboards, you may want to draw out how you are going to use each of the boards. This can help you write out your notes and keep the focus main point of the class or meeting. Board organisation can also reduce the chance that you will smudge the writing on the board.

2. Colour Coordination

One of the best parts of using whiteboards is that whiteboard markers come in a huge variety of colours. This can help you colour coordinate what you are writing. Most people use a huge amount of black markers when they are writing on a whiteboard. Instead of just using black or one colour, try writing in different colours. This does take some planning, but it will become easier as you continue to use the different colours.

3. Keep Your Handwriting Legible

It is common for people to write quickly on a whiteboard, so they can get back to speaking with the people in the room. However, quickly writing on a whiteboard can make it hard to read, even if you are sitting in the front row. When you are writing on whiteboards, you should take the time to make sure that your writing is clear.

4. Make Sure That All the Markers Have Ink

This is something that drives most people crazy in both schools and in offices. When you try writing on whiteboards with a marker that is going dry, it is going to squeak, and the writing is not going to be legible. This is why you should check the markers before starting a meeting or class, and keep new markers close by just encase the markers dry out.

5. Take Pictures, and Post Them

At the end of a class or meeting, or before you are going to erase the whiteboards, you should take pictures of them. This can help you reference the last class or meeting. You can also send the pictures to the people who could not be at the meeting or class. Noticeboards can be used to hand out these photos and notes from the meeting or class.

6. Always Start With a Clean Whiteboard

There are some people who like to start a meeting with some information on the whiteboard, but you should make sure that you clean the board before you start writing on it. This can help stop having faded letters and images on the board.

Along with whiteboards, noticeboards in offices and classrooms are a great option for posting notes and charts. Noticeboards allow you to hang up pre-made charts and paperwork, which could help support what you are writing on the whiteboards.